King Diamond performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas on 2014-11-08.
Band members include Andy LaRocque, Mike Wead, Matt Thompson, and Pontus Egberg.
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Kim Bendix Petersen (born 14 June 1956, Copenhagen, Denmark), better known by his stage name King Diamond (Konge Diamant), is a Grammy Award nominated Danish heavy metal musician. As a vocalist, he is known for his extensive vocal range, in particular his usage of falsetto. He is the lead vocalist for both Mercyful Fate and the eponymous King Diamond.
Setlist for the show:
  • The Candle 
  • Sleepless Nights 
  • Welcome Home 
  • Never Ending Hill 
  • Let It Be Done 
  • The Puppet Master 
  • At the Graves 
  • Tea / Digging Graves / A Visit from the Dead 
  • Evil 
  • Come to the Sabbath 
  • Shapes of Black 
  • Eye of the Witch 
  • Cremation 
  • Halloween 
  • The Family Ghost 
  • Black Horsemen 
  • Insanity