Vagenda performing at Fitzgerald's Bar & Live Music in San Antonio, Texas on 2015-03-11.
Band members include Cindy Osbourne, Philip Capitano, Rob Howe, and Ian Train. Opening up for One-Eyed Doll that performed later that night.
From Facebook
Vagenda was created by reshuffling the remaining When Words Attack line-up (Cindy Osbourne, vocals and Philip Capitano, drums) and adding the metal guitar groove riffing of former Before the Bloodshed guitarist, Rob Howe coupled with former Lokey bassist, Ian Train to create demon music sung by an angel of death. Heavy grooves and guitar create a solid foundation for haunting melodies with a hint of bewitching horror screams. Vagenda has a sexy doggie style groove to their music with chunky guitar riffs, pulverizing back beats, and seductive melodic vocals peppered with a hint of evil. Alternative Metal that is reminiscent of In This Moment, Deftones, Helmet, Metallica, Korn, Tool and Cold; Vagenda has opened for several national acts and is ready to take their band to the next level. There will be a lot of surprises on the horizon from this set of like-minded musicians with a lust for music and a hunger to let the world hear it. Come along for the ride with Vagenda!