Valient Thorr performing at the Red 7 in Austin, Texas on August 28, 2015. Band members include Valient, Eidan, Storm, Sadat, and Lucian.
Valient Thorr began playing together in 2000. Their first show was on Easter of 2001. They released two demos, "Raw" and "We Come From The Morning Star". Following the demos, Valient Thorr self-released their first album on July 1, 2003 (only pressing 1000 copies which were sold at shows), Stranded on Earth, which had the same musical setup as present, but one of the guitarist, Jin Thorr, used a keyboard, 'ic. They packed hometown shows all over North Carolina and at their local favorite venue Kings Barcade. They did their first major tour of the United States and Canada shortly afterward, doing 47 shows in 52 days. (Source: Wikipedia)
The setlist for the show at the Red 7:
  • Heatseeker
  • Goveruptcy
  • Mask of Sanity
  • Master Collider
  • Manipulation
  • Double Crossed
  • Torn Apart
  • Sleeper Awakes
  • Birdhead Looking @ Goldenhands
  • Man Behind the Curtain
  • One Tuff Customer

Valient Thorr opened for Nashville Pussy, the tour started at The Earl in Atlanta, Georgia and wraps up at the Lafayette's Music Room in Memphis, Tennessee. Valient Thorr continues to play in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and United Kingdom.

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