Los Angeles, CA | August 27, 2015 - Theatrical-rock duo One-Eyed Doll has released an epic, nearly 9-minute long visual story to accompany their track “Afflicted.”  Directed by Patrick Kendall [Megadeth, Incubus, Theory Of A Deadman], the video acts as a visual extension to the group’s new concept album ‘Witches,’ based on historical research of the Salem Witch Hysteria.  The video itself was shot in Danvers (formerly Salem Village), modern-day Salem, Sleepy Hollow and New York City, all in the aftermath of Winter Storm Juno. Watch the music video for “Afflicted” here.

Vocalist/Guitarist Kimberly Freeman explains, “The video is a bit of fiction and history combined. The story ebbs between fantasy and reality to portray the confusion and desperation of the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria of 1692. The people of Salem Village were the captives of religious oppression, ruled by overwhelming guilt and fear. The entire album is, in fact, a concept about the subject. This particular song references (and directly quotes at times) historical court documents including the forced confession of the first person accused of witchcraft in Salem. In the preserved handwritten records from 1692, she admits signing her soul over to the devil. Several young girls of the town convulse and swear that she has afflicted them with her magic. The Afflicted music video isn't the story of just one person, but a blend of accounts of various tragedies, mixed with metaphorical interpretations. We kind of meshed them together to create a fictional work. This video, along with the rest of the ‘Witches’ album, is our way of paying tribute to the innocents who suffered so greatly under the weight of cruel religious hypocrisy in the 1690's.

We're humbled and honored to have worked with some incredible talent on this project, on and off screen. We even had some fans involved! It was a tough, great experience.”

Additional information on the video can be seen in a blog that Kimberly has written, here.  “Afflicted” is the first music video off the group’s new album ‘Witches,’ released earlier this year on Standby Records.  In addition to the video debut, One-Eyed Doll will be kicking off their annual Halloween Tour next month, featuring support from Stitched Up Heart and Run 2 Cover. A full list of dates can be seen below, and tickets can be purchased here.

A true DIY success story, One-Eyed Doll has organically gained somewhat of a cult fan-base.  With their captivating and interactive live performances, consistent touring, and personal connection with fans, it’s no wonder that the duo - consisting of only vocalist and guitarist Kimberly Freeman and drummer Jason “Junior” Sewell - have been buzzing since 2006. Adored by fans and press alike, One-Eyed Doll has been direct support for Orgy, Mushroomhead, Wayne Static of Static-X, Otep, and countless others. Freeman was also deemed one of Guitar Player Magazine’s “Top 20 Most Extraordinary Female Guitar Players” and one of Revolver Magazine’s “Top 5 Most Influential Women In Music.”

Source: http://oneeyeddoll.com/presskit/blog/one-eyed-doll-pays-homage-to-salem-witch-victims-in-new-music-video-for-afflicted-headlining-hallo