Stitched Up Heart performing at the Dirty Dog in Austin, Texas on City, Texas on October 17, 2015. Band members include Mixi, Decker, Merritt, Randy, and Dorian.
Songs from the last EP "Skeleton Key" are currently in rotation on over 60 stations. Revolver magazine premiered the video for "Grave" & "Frankenstein" from the record. Mixi has been featured and interviewed in 3 issues of Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock as well as interviews in Alternative Press magazine.

With Warped Tour, SXSW and over 300 US shows under their belt, the aggressive drive behind this band is tantamount to their ultimate goal of universal conquest. A violent cacophony of fiery charged emotions makes this a dangerously volatile maniacal machine that commands your attention. (Source: Facebook)
The setlist for the show at the Dirty Dog:
  • Finally Free
  • Turn You On
  • Never Alone
  • Catch Me
  • Now That You're Gone
  • Monster
  • Yesterday

Stitched Up Heart shared the stage with One-Eyed Doll, Run 2 Cover, Nancy Silva Project, Black Heart Saints, Pigweed, and Pussy Factory. The tour with One-Eyed Doll started in Portland, Oregon and ends at the Club Red in Mesa, Arizona. They continue the tour with dates across the United States ending December 19 at the Q and Z Expo in Ringle, Wisconsin.

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