AJ Lehrman performing at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas on May 8, 2016 with AJ Lehrman.
AJ Lehrman is making a name for himself as a game changer in the music scene, and it’s easy to see why. Born and raised in NYC, AJ grew up with his parents and three siblings. Always extremely supportive of his creative endeavors, AJ’s family exposed him to music at a very young age. He began singing and dancing in school plays when he was in elementary school and fell in love with the rush of performing. He passionately continued to pursue singing and now, at the young age of 17, has already performed around the world on tour with S Club 7. Given AJ’s dynamic abilities, talent, and thorough vision, singing went from a hobby to a career very quickly.

With over 850,000 followers on social media, his talent has clearly not gone unnoticed. What separates AJ from other young vocalists is truly his keen ability to connect with people, as shown through his work in the social media realm with Tigerbeat, and his unique sound—a cohesive mix of the genres that have inspired him throughout his travels. AJ’s next exciting endeavor is joining two-time Grammy winning group, Pentatonix, on tour as their opening act. As a young, creative and talented entrepreneur, AJ Lehrman is definitely one to watch. (Source: artist website)

AJ Lehrman shared the stage with Pentatonix and Us the Duo. AJ continues his tour with the Pentatonix World Tour 2016 with shows across the United States.

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