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Luck Reunion will take place in Spicewood, Texas on March 19, 2020.

Annual "anti-festival" held on Willie Nelson’s "Luck, TX" property will return in 2020 for a full-day celebration of music, food, and art. The Reunion offers the one-of-a-kind opportunity to catch a 50+ artist lineup in Willie’s private backyard. Between sets, fans and artists alike enjoy craft beverages in the Saloon and surrounding bars, shop for artisan goods from a curated assortment of boutique vendors, and sample food from Austin's famous food trucks.

Luck, TX was built in 1985 as the backdrop for the film "Red Headed Stranger", Luck, TX is an old west town located in Willie Nelson’s backyard on the outskirts of Austin. The journey to Luck started in 1979 when Willie and dear friend Bill Wittliff set out to make a film version of Willie’s concept album of the same name. While the original screenplay ended with the town burning down, Nelson had grown attached to the set and called for a change in order to preserve the property. The star built his own home on the sprawling land, just a short drive up the road from the set, and Luck, Texas was born.

Beyond its fading facades, Luck became a longtime gathering place for Willie and his contemporaries to come together to shoot the shit and inspire one another through song, a sort of scaled-down extension of anti-scene Austin landmarks like Armadillo World Headquarters and Austin Opry House.

Over the years as the boot-prints from the past began to fade, Luck primarily served as Willie’s private hang: for games of poker in the "World Headquarters" building and Easter celebrations in the chapel. In 2012 a group of barstool dreamers with ties to the location set out to revive the town’s spirit with experiences inspired by its unique history.

With Nelson’s blessing, the seeds for Luck Reunion were planted. Luck Reunion, a misfit group of young believers, Nelson family members, and Willie’s personal team, hopes to honor the creative origins of the magical space, and contribute to the all-inclusive and fascinating culture of the illustrious town.

Luck Reunion
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