Texas Review
Forged in Austin, Texas in 2018 by Ryan Pankratz (The Devil And The Sea, Weak Flesh, Skycrawler) and Ed Davis (The Roller, Skycrawler), Zyclops sat in gestation until reinforcements arrived in the way of Cory Brim (Glassing) and Matt Moulis (Unmothered). 

Merging elements of slow burning sludge, down-tuned grunge, trippy post-metal, and full on cacophonous noise, together Zyclops manifests an ocean-wide wall of sound lurching forward in seizures of controlled chaos and melodic catharsis; a gritty, textural cascade of knuckle dragging barbarianism combined with dynamic complexities and reverb-drenched, sub-space noise that offers a new light into the vast sludge/doom genres.
Zyclops recorded their debut full-length, Inheritance Of Ash, in January of 2020. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chico Jones at Estuary Studios in Austin, this four-song slab of girth and weight covers a lot of ground in its roughly twenty-five-minute duration. They do not want to be contained or steered in any direction other than up and out. This is just the beginning. 
Comments guitarist/vocalist Ryan Pankratz, "Inheritance Of Ash is a precautionary alarm set off from four separate, but completely interconnected standpoints. It's a warning not to dismiss so quickly what doesn't register within your logic. This could be a person, a thought, a philosophy, or any stretch of myth somewhat told from various timeframes, be it before the unfolding/collapsing of human civilization, during the unfolding/collapsing of human civilization, and after all that's left are embers... not at all in that order. A splatterpaint symposium of the paranoid worry of the hopeful souls that saw it coming, the agonizing sting of the last breaths from deniers and the listless drone of a clustered afterlife."