Texas Review
Steel Panther will be perofrminag at the Wildcatter Saloon in Katy, Texas on October 22, 2020. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

Steel Panther
Satirically pretending to be a hair metal band that missed its big break in the '80s, singer Ralph Saenz ("Michael Starr"), drummer Darren Leader ("Stix Zadinia"), bassist Travis Haley ("Lexxi Foxxx"), and guitarist Russ Parrish ("Satchel") hit the club circuit on the Sunset Strip around the turn of the millennium under the name Metal Shop (later changed to Metal Skool, and then to Steel Panther).

With big, spiky wigs, leather jackets, zebra-striped spandex, chops earned from playing in a Van Halen tribute band, and lots and lots of machismo, their comic take on sex, drugs, and rock & roll to the extreme caught on quickly, leading to sold-out shows and some unexpected brushes with mainstream success. As their popularity increased, the Hollywood crowd started frequenting their sets, often making appearances on-stage. This led to some opportunities: the band fittingly played the role of a metal band as "Danger Kitty" in a Discover Card commercial; they appeared on The Drew Carey Show as themselves; and their song "FF" was used as the theme for MTV's Fantasy Factory.

The Wildcatter Saloon
New Owner and Bar Rescue (TV show on Spike) did a total make-over of the bar. New menu put together by Bar Rescue chefs. GREAT FOOD, GREAT DRINKS with COVERED BIKE PARKING and AC. We are very Biker Friendly. We also have a great park that is available for group events of all kinds; Motorcycle Rally, Weddings, Charity events, Benefits and more.

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