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Zac Clark performing during the Drive-in Through A Dream tour at the HEB Center in Cedar Park, Texas on November 6, 2020, with Zac Clark, Mikey Wagner, Sam Smith, and Bobby Raw. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)
Young Volcanoes is ten songs recorded on the road in the midst of a search for a reason to release a record in the first place. Out November 20th, the project has answered its own question, with thousands of dollars already on the way to Burlington VT's Cancer Patient Support Program, it will continue to benefit CPSP with 20% of each sale. Literate rock and roll with a purpose that keeps one foot in the future and one anchored in 70s songwriting and production.

For more than a decade, the Dear Jack Foundation has been tending to the AYA community, successfully raising over 1.5 million dollars for this group. Through its own programs and strategic partnerships, Dear Jack addresses the physical and emotional needs of young adult cancer patients and survivors.

Their one-on-one patient outreach and peer-to-peer group wellness programs provide empowerment to patients and survivors in their healing and provide assurance that they are not alone in their cancer journey. To learn more about Dear Jack Foundation and its programs, visit
HEB Center Social Distancing Tailgate Series
You purchase one ticket for the entire vehicle and your parking spot is separated by every other space to allow plenty of room for social distancing. Every parking spot comes with an extra space in front, or next to your car, for your group to tailgate. Your own food, coolers and grills for a socially distanced tailgate party are allowed and encouraged to bring. Snacks and drinks can still be ordered and delivered to your vehicle.

All the events at the HEB Center include activation of ASM Global's Venue Shield, an advanced environmental hygiene protocol that is deployed in more than 325 ASM facilities around the world. Venue Shield reduces physical touch points, increases venue sanitization and cleanliness, and provides various health monitoring guidelines and services. Masks are required when you leave your designated tailgate space.

Zac Clark shared the stage with Andrew McMahon at the HEB Center.

Zac Clark
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