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KISS performing during the End of the Road Tour at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater in Austin, Texas on September 29, 2021, with Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

KISS announced the last legs of their final tour, the End of the Road Tour. Known for their trademark larger-than-life blistering performances, KISS has proven for decades why they are hands down the most iconic live show in rock n roll. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide have said this tour is devoted to the millions of KISS Army fans.

For over four decades, KISS have worked hard to fulfill the promise that frontman Paul Stanley makes to audiences every night: "You wanted the best — you got the best!" Now with the band that set the standard for rock ‘n' roll showmanship about to retire their boots and makeup for good, you can bet they will take the KISS experience to a whole new level. For the End of the Road World Tour — which the band bills as "the ultimate celebration for those who've seen us and a last chance for those who haven't" — KISS promises to go out the same way they came in: "unapologetic and unstoppable." And as always, the KISS Army knows that's no idle boast.

This farewell tour promises to be the final chapter of an occasionally X-rated but always entertaining saga that began when two young musicians (Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons) first met in New York City in 1970. After spending a few years cutting their teeth in bands like Wicked Lester, the duo doubled down on a new group with a unique sound that combined the muscle of American hard rock and the flamboyance of British glam. Of course, the makeup, costumes, and wild live theatrics (fire-breathing included) meant that KISS looked as unique as they sounded on such instantly iconic songs as "Strutter," "Shout It Out Loud," and "Rock and Roll All Night." Here was a band whose members were no mere mortals, they were comic-book superheroes.

And so they remained even when the makeup came off in the ‘80s as Stanley and Simmons kept pace with a new generation of rockers with hits like "Lick It Up" and "Heaven's on Fire." Then in 1995, the crowd at Detroit's Tiger Stadium witnessed a piece of history when the original lineup reunited to perform in full KISS regalia. The event also launched a two-decade era of renewed preeminence whose signs included everything from new hit albums to KISS conventions to co-headlining tours with Aerosmith, Def Leppard, and Mötley Crüe. A year after the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, KISS achieved another milestone, becoming the American band with the most gold albums ever.

Through it all, KISS have maintained their allegiance to the members of the KISS Army, the millions of people who've made it all possible. So they can be sure this one last party will end with a bang.
Legends! What a wonderful experience!! One for the ages! The best show I’ve ever attended. I can now say I attended the best show and best performers of rock and roll!

It was amazing! So cool and I could hear them perfectly and it was so fun. The explosives and fire was so cool. KISS was just so amazing and their performance was actually super interesting and this was my first time seeing them too!

They always put on the best show! I am so happy I got to see them through the years and the last two times, hard to believe I will not get to see them anymore! They put so much into their shows that they are always worth going to see!

I want to give my humble Thanks for all the many great concerts over the last 47 years ago my life to Paul, Gene, Tomny, Eric, Ace, and Peter! You guys have truly rocked like only a very few other bands could have done over the many decades and kept the younger generations interested! I only wish that you all weren't going to be calling it "The End of the Road" for Kiss! You guys truly put on one hell of a final show.

The best show I’ve ever seen, in my lifetime. KISS opened their chest cavities and poured the contents of their hearts all over the stage. If this truly is their last tour, they will have done the impossible, satisfied the masses of insanely loyal fans. Watching them do it all, the theatrics, the hits, the macabre lust for entertaining, on wonders... why stop? But I get it, leave while you’re still the best. You owe us nothing, KISS. A hall of fame career, crafted and governed by rock gods. Thank you.

One of the best shows ever! Great crowd, everyone inside amphitheater was terrific, seats were awesome, ushers very helpful and efficient, rock painter Garibaldi was entertaining and really exceeded expectations, KISS put one an awesome show (as expected).

Awesome! KISS is always a fabulous show, great pyrotechnics that you could feel the heat from 30 rows back! Paul Stanley keeps everyone hyped and love his flying across the crowd. Gene Simmons rocks it and that tongue is something to see! Music is energizing and you leave the show feeling tons of energy!

Best concert ever! KISS has always had the best concerts but this one topped them all!
Setlist for the show at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater
  • Detroit Rock City
  • Shout It Out Loud
  • Deuce
  • War Machine
  • Heaven's on Fire
  • I Love It Loud
  • Lick It Up
  • Calling Dr. Love
  • Say Yeah
  • Cold Gin
  • Guitar Solo
  • Tears Are Falling
  • Psycho Circus
  • Drum Solo
  • 100,000 Years
  • Bass Solo
  • God of Thunder
  • Love Gun
  • I Was Made for Lovin' You
  • Black Diamond
  • Beth
  • Do You Love Me
  • Rock and Roll All Nite

KISS was the main act at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater with guest David Garibaldi. They continue across the United States, Australia, South America, and Europe with the last stop at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Holland on July 21, 2022.

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Photos by Ralph Arvesen
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