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SiM performing during the Jackpot Juicer US Tour at the ACL Live Moody Theater in Austin, Texas on September 5, 2023. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

A four-piece reggae punk band from Shonan that achieves the ultimate contradiction of evil roar, difficult to understand, and catchy.

A sound that freely mixes hardcore punk/nu-metal, reggae, and ska music with a unique pop sense, and lyrics that are aggressive and rebellious, but skillfully incorporate wordplay, and unique hook lines.

In addition, MAH has a unique appearance and appearance, and his outstanding centripetal force instantly captures the hearts of the audience. His tact is so charismatic that fans and other artists have described him as a "devil," and he has unparalleled precision in his technique. The explosive live performance, which combines SHOW-HATE swinging their instruments and running around the stage, SIN's string corps, and GODRi's drum play supporting the backbone with a strong and tight groove and chorus work, is a masterpiece.

MAH says, "A band that was born in a live house, grew up in a live house, and died in a live house." However, they have sold out solo concerts at the Nippon Budokan and Yokohama Arena, and held the outdoor festival 'DEAD POP' with a capacity of 20,000 people. FESTiVAL” and headliners at large outdoor rock festivals across the country, SiM has risen to the level of “destroying” the rock scene from the inside out, both in name and in reality.

They have established themselves as a live band by overcoming repeated challenges such as member changes, serious illnesses, and dismissal from their label, and there are no blind spots anymore.
Fan reviews:

Amazing experience! It was an amazing experience seeing SIM live. I will definitely attend more of their concerts.

Experience of a lifetime. The best concert I’ve been to. The vibes were amazing and it was top tier. One of the best experiences I’ve had!

They put on a great show, full of their new tracks that brought in younger/newer fans, but also a great selection of their older songs for their OGs. The energy from the band and the audience were A+.

Dare I say best band ever! This was unbelievable opportunity to see one of the most epic rock theatrics and precision playing I've seen, but wrapped in a small venue.

The best! This was the absolute best show I've gone to ever. I've been wanting to see SiM live ever since I heard "A" from ryu ga gotoku. I am glad I got to make that dream come true. As well as leaving the show with a signed baseball bat and a T-shirt. Thank you so much SiM for the absolute best show ever!
Setlist for the show at the ACL Live Moody Theater
  • Get Up, Get Up
  • TxHxC
  • The Rumbling
  • RED
  • KiLLiNG ME
  • f.a.i.t.h

SiM shared the stage with Dance Gavin Dance, Rain City Drive, and Within Destruction at the ACL Live Moody Theater. They continue across the United States and Japan with the last stop at the M'AXA in Matsuzaka, Japan on December 19, 2023.

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Photos by Ralph Arvesen
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