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Cirque du Soleil Crystal prepares for opening at the HEB Center in Cedar Park, Texas on February 21, 2024. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

A Glimpse into a Frozen Fairytale
Beyond the ice rink lies Cirque du Soleil Crystal, a groundbreaking production that pushes the boundaries of both ice skating and acrobatics. Witness world-class performers transform the frozen stage into their playground, defying gravity with breathtaking feats and dazzling artistry.

Embark on a journey with Crystal, the show's protagonist, as she navigates a fantastical world fueled by her imagination. Witness the ordinary transformed into the extraordinary through boundless creativity.

Cirque du Soleil Crystal invites you to surrender to the spectacle. Immerse yourself in a vibrant dreamscape brought to life by stunning visuals and a unique score that seamlessly blends popular music with the signature sound of Cirque du Soleil.

A Journey Through Imagination
Crystal, a dreamer yearning for something more, feels like a misfit in the everyday world. One day, seeking solace from frustration, she ventures onto a frozen pond, only to fall through the ice. Within this underwater realm conjured by her imagination, Crystal encounters a reflection - her alter ego. This reflection serves as a distorted mirror, challenging her to recognize her own genius and creativity.

Through the power of writing, Crystal discovers a hidden talent, unlocking her potential and transforming the world around her with each stroke of the pen. Empowered and self-assured, she breaks free from the icy depths, ready to face reality with newfound strength.

Cirque du Soleil Crystal encourages us to reimagine the ordinary. It's a call to challenge our perspectives, to see the world with fresh eyes and appreciate the beauty hidden within the mundane. The show reminds us that sometimes, embracing individuality requires venturing off the beaten path, even if it means stepping onto thin ice. Just as Crystal discovers her true self through this journey, so too can we find our own unique potential when we dare to explore beyond the surface.

A Fusion on Ice
Cirque du Soleil Crystal shatters the mold, asking: Can ice be a canvas for acrobatics? This groundbreaking show explores the uncharted territory where figure skaters and circus performers collide, blurring the lines between gliding sports and circus arts.

Imagine a world where gymnasts and skaters seamlessly blend their disciplines. Witness aerial masters like trapeze artists and strap performers defy gravity alongside skaters showcasing their prowess in synchronization, freestyle, figure skating, and even extreme ramp skating. A dash of all-out speed adds another layer of excitement to this unique blend.

The boundaries dissolve as figure skaters become acrobatic powerhouses on Chinese poles, circus artists embrace the art of skating, and extreme skaters incorporate figure skating skills into their routines. This fusion creates a visually stunning and breathtakingly innovative performance experience.
Fan reviews:

An amazing athletic show. As all Cirque de Soleil shows are, Crystal was amazing! Feats of athleticism and precision were awesome to see. Loved it!

Wonderful experience. Absolutely love Cirque! Been to quite a few, but this was the first Ice show. A real feel good experience with a nice story behind it. When it's all over you feel better about the world!

Just amazing! One of the best shows I've seen, full stop. Very professional, flawless, and entertaining.

Amazing show and overall experience was a 10+. The venue was so spacious and easy to get around, I never felt cramped. Cirque exceeded my expectations with mind blowing stunts and acrobatics. I never cease to be amazed!

Held my breath throughout the show. Just amazing. The visuals were beautiful, the music was amazing, and the costumes were gorgeous. The performance was just perfect. I am constantly amazed at what the human body is capable of and these performers are out of this world. I would definitely go again and look forward to another Cirque show!

This was a dream show. Extremely wonderful, beautiful stage, choreography, music, lights, arrangements, artists, everything was really amazing. I congratulate you.
Cirque du Soleil Crystal continues across the United States and United Arab Emirates with the last stop at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on May 5, 2024.

Cirque du Soleil Crystal
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Photos by Ralph Arvesen
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