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Excision performing during the Nexus Tour at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas on February 23, 2024. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

Envision a universe engulfed in commanding bass rhythms and immense seismic waves of sound. Dystopian, futuristic echoes saturate the air, dictating the sway of your body within the mesmerizing spectacle of an Excision concert. The stage ruptures reality with towering arrays of subwoofers pulsating with soul-quaking intensity, while cascades of dazzling lasers paint the arena, accompanied by a kaleidoscope of multicolored lights and immersive visuals that transport you beyond dimensions. Flames and pyrotechnics punctuate the performance, completing the sensory overload.

In 2024, Excision embarks on his most monumental tour to date, Nexus, traversing North America with his distinctive bass music and state-of-the-art stage productions. For the first time, fans across every city will experience the full essence of an Excision concert.

DJ, producer, and festival architect, Excision (Jeff Abel), stands as a central figure in the expansive realm of Bass Music. Originating from Kelowna, British Columbia, Abel is a trailblazer of the North American Dubstep scene, boasting over 17 years of relentless touring and fostering a devoted community at shows and festivals worldwide. With a prolific discography spanning five studio albums, numerous EPs and singles, 17 acclaimed annual mixes, and countless live recordings, Excision has amassed over 2 billion streams globally.

Through his event production company, Excision Presents, he has curated renowned music festivals such as Lost Lands, Bass Canyon, Paradise Blue, and regional concerts like The Thunderdome, The Armory, Mile High, and The Stadium. These events draw hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts annually. Additionally, Excision headlines at prestigious festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Ultra, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo, and Shambhala.

In 2020, Excision established Subsidia Records as a successor to Rottun Recordings, showcasing groundbreaking tunes from emerging artists and embracing a diverse range of bass music subgenres. With over 100 featured producers, Subsidia serves as a platform for artists to connect with new audiences and nurture their growth.

Excision's impact reverberates throughout the industry. While maintaining a legendary status, he remains committed to fostering community growth. The Bass Music Initiative, launched last year, supports ten rising bass artists with funding and resources to propel their careers. Excision emphasizes, "My focus is on nurturing the growth of Bass Music while honoring its essence. The community within this scene is incredibly supportive, and I hope the music continues to welcome more souls into its fold."
Fan reviews:

A truly unforgettable experience! Excision shows are no joke. This was quite possibly the best show I've ever been to. I dragged my brother along despite him not being a fan of EDM and he was blown away by the music, visuals, lights, and lasers. What an absolutely amazing and fun night!

Best I’ve seen so far. I’ve always listen to EDM/Dub step, but never seen it in person. The whole show , DJ’s, lights , graphics and sounds sonically well put together. I honestly can’t describe the experience. Super dope!

I enjoyed excision but this is probably the most fun I had this year.

Nothing compares! I have never experienced such amazing production. X out did himself and has set a way for the future of raving and production for any show or fest.

Best show ever! Excision never fails to live up to my dreams. Sound, visual, everything was just perfect. Jeff really knows how to get the crowd going and is beyond a talented artist. Can’t wait for him to come back.
Excision was the main act at the Moody Center with guests ATLiens, Ray Volpe, Emorfik, and Jkyl & Hyde. They continue across the United States and Canada with the last stop at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California on April 13, 2024.

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Photos by Ralph Arvesen
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