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Geese performing during the Starcatcher World Tour at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas on May 6, 2024, with Dominic DiGesu, Cameron Winter, Max Bassin, Em Green, and Sam Revaz. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

Brooklyn band Geese started as a homegrown project between friends, building a makeshift studio in their basement. Their debut album, "Projector," captures that raw DIY spirit. Recorded in a single afternoon after school, with makeshift equipment and a looming fear of noise complaints, the album is a snapshot of a specific time.

It's the music of five teenagers on the cusp of adulthood, their anxieties about the future and frustrations with the present woven into every note. The dream-like album cover reflects this - a strange but relatable image that embodies the uncertainty of their situation.
Fan reviews:

I've seen Geese a few times and have their albums. The show was sold out and they never sounded so tight or better! Check them out!

Phenomenal! Saw them when they opened and they absolutely killed it! Looking forward to going to more of their shows in the future!

Geese has got it so together! The energy at the show was amazing!
Geese shared the stage with Greta Van Fleet and Mirador at the Moody Center. They continue across the United States with the last stop at the The Dell Music Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 27, 2024.

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