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Nep performing at Emo's Austin in Austin, Texas on July 8, 2024. (Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

Nep, a 20-year-old indie pop artist from Miami, released multiple singles and EPs before her debut album, "Milk Town / Mr. Carter." Her sound blends lo-fi acoustic elements with straightforward indie rock, showcased in the catchy tracks "Fender," "A Big Brown Dog Named Bagel," and the title track "Milk Town / Mr. Carter."
Fan reviews:

Nep was fantastic! She was engaging and the crowd was singing along to all of her songs. She was cute and quirky and so fun. Her jazz training really shined through on certain songs. Her band was great too, especially Jake Sonderman, who at time, the crowd was chanting for. Be sure to catch her next show, she is clearly a rising star who is sure to soon be playing bigger venues.
Nep shared the stage with mxmtoon at Emo's Austin. They continue across the United States and Mexico with the last stop at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico city, Mexico on November 15, 2024.

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Photos by Ralph Arvesen
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